European Funds - a safe marketplace for short-term online investments

The logo of European funds, the flag of Poland and the flag of the European Union

Title of the project - a safe marketplace for short-term online investments

Goal of the project is a modern yet secure marketplace that brings together two sides of the market transaction. On the one hand, entities owning real estate and looking for capital to make necessary investments (e.g., increasing the value of the property through expansion) with Investors who have surplus funds and are looking for ways to place and multiply them, in a way that provides an acceptable level of security, thanks to the security of the investment on the mortgage of the property in question.

Project results

The result of the project is a ready-made marketplace-type platform providing the opportunity to easily and quickly raise funds to carry out the necessary investments by reaching thousands of investors who want to multiply their funds through investments in real estate with mortgage collateral.

Project cost

1 233 342,10 PLN

EU funding

999 999.50 PLN