About us

We have noticed that the real estate market is terribly ossified, banks, offices, law firms, mortgages, serious institutions, complicated documents, mile-long procedures and unclear rules.

And yet we are already in 2022, the era of the Internet, artificial intelligence, mobile applications and machine learning. All elements that will make the process of raising capital pleasant. A minimum of documents, a few clicks and your project is already online, available to hundreds of investors ready to provide capital.

Sounds like a dream? no rather like a dream which, thanks to the commitment of our team, we managed to realize to put in your hands a modern fast and convenient online platform!

Lendidea.com means no more bureaucracy, hundreds of wasted hours, unsuccessfully searching for capital, recalculating incomprehensible fee tables and divining the total cost of capital.

Our rules are clear, simple and easy to read, you know the cost upfront or you know how much you will earn.

Our values

As a community platform, Lendidea.com prides itself on what it brings to the community of our users and the opportunities it makes available to them. Thanks to the platform, the investor gets a previously unavailable opportunity to make money on real estate without leaving home!

Thanks to the Lendidea.com platform, the owner of an investment project gets access to thousands of investors who, by making their funds available, will allow him to realize his dreams! This is what we are guided on the Lendidea.com platform by connecting to make plans and dreams come true!